Dating nerves

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If you do suffer from this, relax, know that the person you are meeting is equally anxious or nervous.Bana-ditoi always get nervouse, what hasent helped me is the fact that i have been late gettign to my past few dates bcs i had to wait onsome one who was running thats life though, i kinda like that feeling though it tends to keep me on my toe's, or makes me babble.Focusing more on the other person leads to a better date for two reasons: One, there is less pressure on you to perform perfectly or to be utterly entertaining and irresistible. A big complaint that I have heard from women after a first date is that the men they went out with did not put their focus on them, ask questions or listen well.Your date will notice if you are genuinely interested in what she has to say. I work as a waitress two evenings a week (full time secretary) and asked this guy who was in the restaurant I work in out for a drink.He was really good looking and I was chuffed when he said yes.I do not ask for autographs I act like I meet people like them al the time and the appreciate meeting "normal" people.

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unless it makes you too nervous to interract with the guy. and I'll tell you: women who react to guys are ten times better than those who don't. I always get a bit anxious before meeting someone fopr the first time.(Remember that this service is very appropriately called It's Just Lunch).First dates are all about potential - they are simply an opportunity to figure out if you would like to learn more about the person ahead. Here are three simple things to keep in mind the next time you feel anxious on a first date: •Worry less about impressing your date - let your date impress you.She worries that the guy won't be husband material..she worries that he will be husband material (therefore, putting tons of pressure on herself and her date).What Maria and those of you who experience first date jitters must remember is that it's just a date!

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