Updating mei bill validators

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MEI worked closely with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) to design the new software, which supports the multiple security levels incorporated in the new bill design to reduce the chance of fraud.

MEI is releasing the software well ahead of the bill’s official launch date to give operators adequate time to update their existing products.

Using a smart safe, the costs of ownership is a combination of the equipment price, the cost of servicing the equipment (typically in the form of a service contract), the cost of managing data, and armored car service.

The below graphic illustrates the traditional retail cash management process along with the associated costs and risks of managing that cash at each process step.

Our designs are currently in their fourth major generation and have undergone countless enhancements over the years.

We strive to produce the best value on the market with an emphasis in the areas of: If you are not familiar with the applications of Smart Safes to streamline cash management processes, you can learn more about Smart Safes and all the considerations you should address in finding the appropriate solution for your business needs at

You can choose to add either £20 or £40 every time the balance on your card falls below £10.

Whenever you start a journey and the balance is below £10 you will hear an extra few beeps as you touch in and your balance will be increased by your selected amount. When the oyster reader transfers its transactions to the central system your credit or debit card is debited with the amount.

Let us show you why we are rated an Just because a bill acceptor gets a little age on it doesn't mean you can't keep it in the field and working like new.

Product-specific instructions are available on MEI’s web site or by calling MEI customer service at 800-345-8215.

“Seamless and secure acceptance of new currency designs is critical to operators” said Jeff Jordan, executive vice president of MEI’s global vending and amusement business.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy number to arrive at.

A smart safe solution involves a shift in the way your merchant customers conduct their cash management process.

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