Access foreign key not updating chatten dating cafe

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However, I would like to know if you would recommend doing this for ALL foreign key constraints or, for only those which create the locking problem?How badly would it impact the database performance considering an OLTP system?

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The Microsoft Access database engine does not support the use of CONSTRAINT, or any of the data definition language (DDL) statements, with non-Microsoft Access database engine databases. You use the syntax for a single-field constraint in the field-definition clause of an ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE statement immediately following the specification of the field's data type.You use the syntax for a multiple-field constraint whenever you use the reserved word CONSTRAINT outside a field-definition clause in an ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE statement.Using CONSTRAINT you can designate a field as one of the following types of constraints: To prevent the automatic creation of indexes for foreign keys, the modifier NO INDEX can be used.Stranger still, an update (changing a foreign key column) works perfectly fine, even though it never shows up.I can only assume that FKs are updated directly by setting the key value?

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