Bf2 bfhq not updating

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But I have found that sometimes it takes a while for certain servers to update.

I think I've noticed the mid-game stats lost issue.

This README file includes information that pertains to general problems and questions you may have concerning the game or your computer. From this screen follow the prompts onscreen to complete the installation.

************************************************ ================= TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= I. If the game does not auto run, open up “My Computer” and double click on the drive in which the disc is inserted.

Hey, since yesterday afternoon my stats have been stuck at 1321 and I have gained at least a further 800 including some more medals. When EA "ran this a long time ago" as you put it, EA had an entire team of dedicated PAID staff, whose job it was to monitor the servers and databases and squash any and all problems that might arise. The people who run this are doing this COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. Have fun playing with the grand total of 50 active players.

I hope this isn't just me and is happening for a few people also? They're doing this out of their own time and pockets. Why don't you lend your expertise to their team so that this never happens again? Yeah they have really done a great job with their growth & survival logic. But the rounds inbetween seem to never have happend.

Rest assured, however, that we will keep pace with the demand for Ranked servers, as necessary, though we may slow down deployment slightly this evening as we clear out the backlog of stats snapshots.Hello, I have complete collection BF2 , and the question is, do I unlock its weapons in leveling up? second question - When I try to join a server which is in the expansion pack, It tells me to get an expansion pack which I believe I already have.Third question - Leveling up, I've seen that I'm level 3 at the moment, but BFHQ shows me that Im level 2, so is that a bug or something? Remember randomly buying the Complete Collection for just because the cover looked cool :) 1) Yes.You get unlock points after you level up your character.However, you actually have to play "Special Forces" to unlock certain weapons from that DLC to be able to use them in the vanilla game.

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