Outlook appointment tracking not updating

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Similarly, if your PTA meets every third Tuesday of the month at P.

M., you can set Outlook to schedule that meeting, as well.

If the report was not broken, you should now see the special report icon on your sent item.

On occasion, it could happen that message tracking is not working correctly and responses are not automatically recorded in Outlook.

Most likely the problem is that you don't have Outlook configured to automatically process meeting responses.

In Outlook 2010 - Go to File | Options | Mail and scroll down to the Tracking group.

By the way..is also the way to stop Outlook from adding a "tentative" appointment to your calendar when you receive a meeting request from somebody else.

I’ve then tried it with a “Read receipt” and although I do get a message back, I still don’t see any tracking information within the sent item.

Important: If the user accepts or declines a meeting invitation using the option, "Do Not Send a Response," then the Tracking section of the meeting will not reflect the user's response.

In other words, it will appear as though the attendee has not responded even though the meeting has been accepted or declined.

At a glance, you can quickly see your agenda in daily, weekly, or monthly views.

With Outlook, you won’t have any excuses for missing a lunch date or forgetting a meeting.

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