Rex goudie dating

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Tupelo Honey understands this, and with the upcoming release of the bands first full-length album, the Edmonton-based group hopes to capture the hearts and minds of their fans and take them somewhere special.

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The modern world of music has no time for watered-down sentiment and generic wannabes; it takes much more for a band to really make a connection with people.It may seem strange then that I am writing to you about a sporting issue – one which you alone have the power to help with, that is if your officials can find the papers which are probably buried under a pile of other pressing matters.Like me you will remember vividly the horror we all felt back in 1996 when 16 children and a teacher were shot dead at a school in Dunblane by a deranged man with a gun.The new shape of the band is in no way a departure from the established massive rock sound that Tupelo Honey has brought to the music world.Tracks such as Best I Could, Falling, and Pull Me Closer stand as testament to the bands roots as a high energy and radio-friendly act, with the exciting guitar riffs taking centre stage.

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