Eli roth dating peaches

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Her name might ring a bell, as your son Ben recently wrote a sick, hurtful story about her that is now causing tremendous damage.

If you do know Peaches, like many in America you probably know her from the gossip blogs as the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof.

The happy couple have only been dating since March, but the relationship has moved quickly, and Peaches moved over to LA and in with Inglourious Basterds star within months.

He’s pretty hot, in a quirky/sexy nice-Jewish-boy way.Now, Peaches Geldof is not really much of anything.Her father is Bob Geldof, the dude who organized Live Aid, and is generally in competition with Bono for the most self-righteous wanker out there.According to , there was some drama before the ceremony, caused by Lorenza's Vera Wang wedding dress being held at customs for about a week — but thankfully, the bride got it back in time!The 22-year-old shared a quick snapshot of her dress on Instagram, choosing to wear a crown of orange roses in her hair instead of a veil.

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