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“Why can’t I find a man that’s nice to me and treats me good? She said she wants a guy who is nice to her, but she NEVER said she wanted a nice guy.

I’m tired of getting dogged out” -- (insert your homegirl’s name here that’s always saying this phrase) While having a conversation with a friend of mine a while back, the subject of college dating patterns was discussed. See, men always complain and say “women always saying they want a nice guy”.

However, the threat of it must exist or they will habitually line-step**).

It must be present in order for a woman to respect a man, or she will Riverdance all over his pride on a daily basis just because.

As Mary said, I grew up on the beach and the sound of waves and the smell of salt air is deep in my veins.

Of course, Provo is a long way from the ocean and so it is particularly good to be here.

At least I had great judgment when I finally got the courage to ask someone out.

See, at their core, women want to feel safe, protected if you will. A woman wants to know…no, NEEDS to know, that her man is going to make certain the she is protected and not disrespected. I don’t care, he disrespected MY woman, and I makes no exceptions. (Though they try.) Typical needy AFC / beta / provider guys. I run circles around these guys without even trying. Higher-income providers who throw a lot of money at women. I do occasionally lose lays to these guys, but it’s pretty rare. They’re in the same category as the throw-money-at-women guys. (Shit, I can relate.) This makes the number of alphas competing with me extremely tiny. Essentially, the higher you are on the scale I’ve outlined above, the more competition you have. Yes, women I have in open relationships might temporarily LSNFTE me for these guys occasionally, but I’m the one they always come back to, not them. Often they’re too busy with other projects, or travelling, or already have plenty of women on their plate, etc, and have the dating machine shut off for a while because they really don’t need any new women at the moment.It is a great honor to have this opportunity to speak to you this morning.My first trip to Oahu was in the early 1970s and I have loved this area ever since.

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